About Us

  Mike and I live in a rural area of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. One day, while driving on a road in the pristine wilderness, we saw a couple of plastic shopping bags in the trees. How did they get there? How long had they been there? How long will they stay there? I vowed to stop using plastic shopping bags right then and there. It was easier said than done. I bought a reusable shopping bag at every store I went to. I felt I was doing my part and being Earth-friendly. However, those big, bulky bags, if they ever made it back out to my car, were usually not with me when I was shopping. They were either in the car or at home in the closet. Plastic shopping bags were still making it into my home. What I needed were reusable shopping bags that were always with me. So, I bought some ripstop nylon fabric and made 2 sets of 5 bags. I made a pouch to hold them that would fit in the cupholder of Mikes truck. Mine were in my purse. We used them for everything and stopped the plastic bag invasion of our home. We noticed a lot of interest in our bags, so we bought a whole bolt of fabric and began to manufacture some for friends and family. I told Mike the serger was just another power tool. We quickly realized, as we both work full time, we were too busy to manufacture on our own, so we located a company in China to responsibly manufacture for us.