I gave some as a Christmas gift to an elderly aunt and she loves them. She uses them for groceries and keeps one in her purse at all times for any "impulse" shopping. I also have to say I am VERY impressed with BreezyBags' customer service. I had a minor billing issue and Kami fixed it for me the week after Christmas (during her own time off). Not many other businesses -- especially on the web -- are that conscientious about customer care during holiday times.James , Windsor, Ontario.


My friend gave me a set of the Breezy Bags and I love them. The whole set fits in my teeny tiny church handbag and that says a lot! My problem with the “ecco bags” that the grocery stores sell is that they are bulky, and I ended up with them in the back under the seat of my car. I then forget to bring them into the store to use them…big waste, even when I have them stored at home, I tend to forget them when I stop at the store after work or other errands. With Breezy Bags I can keep them tucked away in my purse and they are always handy.

They are lighter than the ecco friendly bags from the grocery store too. Great product. Keep up the good work!!Claire, Fort Lauderdale, FL


You don't want to add plastic bags to landfills, so you save them. You buy a cute little "bag holder" to store your plastic bags. Eventually it gets stuffed to the brim, so you add a "bag for bags"... and then another.....You plan to return the plastic bags to the store for recycling. You remember that plan when you are walking into the store. Too Late! So you come home with MORE bags.Then I found BREEZY BAGS. I am no longer collecting plastic bags! My Breezy Bags are always with me. Kerry, Sunrise ,Florida (P.S. I recycled all those plastic bags.)


I think these bags are the greatest. Love the sizes. They are tough but small enough so they are easy to store. Wouldn't go anywhere without them. Makes my life a little easier. Barb, Gheen Minnesota


I love my Breezy Bags. I had 15 minutes before the bank opened, so I wandered into the dollar store next door. If I did not have my Breezy Bags in my purse, I would have gotten another plasic bag. Ana, Ontario, Canada


I will purchase more bags as one of my efforts in the "go green movement" and I love the product and want to share the easy and practical use with my loved ones. My gifts will be just because gifts..... because I care about my loved ones and our environment.Olga, San Antonio, Texas


I was at a store and a man loved them. He was with his daughter and said he came into the store for two things and could have stuffed one of the breezy bags in his pocket instead of carrying the big purse-like bag he had with him. I love the fact that you can also stick your meats in the bag and stick them in the washer after you empty them. After you shop you can stuff the bags back into the pouch they are ready for your next trip to the grocery or department store. I love these bags!Nanette